Monday, June 13, 2011

New Paths to Socialism by Carl Davidson

How can the Mondragon Cooperatives, the Solidarity and Green Economies, with an assist from Gramsci and Marx, clear pathways to a new socialism of the 21st century?

Get a copy of Carl Davidson’s new book on the topic:

 New Paths to Socialism


  • The Mondragon Cooperatives and 21st Century Socialism
  • Mondragon Diaries: Five Days Studying Cutting-Edge People and Tools for Change
  • 'One Worker, One Vote:' US Steelworkers to Experiment With Factory Ownership, Mondragon Style
  • Green Party Mayor of Richmond, California Signs 'Letter in Intent' with Spain's Mondragon Coops
  • There Is An Alternative: Market Socialism with Radical Democracy
  • Green Jobs Meets the Solidarity Economy: A Dynamic Duo for Changing the World
  • Green Jobs and Class Struggle: A Memo for the Working Class Studies Association
  • Alinsky vs. Arizmendi: Redistribution or Control of Wealth In Changing the World
  • Eleven Talking Points On 21st Century Socialism
  • Jossa: Gramsci, Economic Theory of Worker Cooperatives and the  Transition to a Socialist Economy
  • Jossa: Excerpts from ‘Marx, Marxism and the Cooperative Movement’
  • Schweickart: Is Sustainable Capitalism Possible? The Case of China
  • $15 from Changemaker Publications.


Americo j Ross Jr said...

Comments as residents watch activists who want to stop the destructive mountaintop removal coal mining.

"Why don't they get a job, instead of taking ours," one young coal miner watching from his porch asks.

"Why don't they get a job, instead of taking ours," one young coal miner watching from his porch asks.

"Mountaintop removal is what built this house, sends that little girl to school, provides insurance for my wife, bought two cars and that motorcycle I showed you in the garage. I'm not real impressed," he says as the marchers pass.

This is the crux of our situation. The socialists and marxists who elevate the working class to godlike status will never understand that if ruining our planet puts food on the table, workers will be willing to do just that. The marxists have not in the past ever really put workers in control. Marxists and their parties, who always come from the intellectual class, consistently end up as the new ruling class . The workers are sent back to work for the "revolution" and a welfare like economy results.

This monster that is our industrial civilization is alive and consumes the world as it grows. We are all tied to this, like it or not. As the population grows and the need to get at the few remaining "resources" intensifies, we will leave a world of chaos to the coming generations.

I don't know what course of action can stop this. Reading "Black Elk's Vision" can help you understand the meaning of what we are doing.
What else is there?

Carl Davidson said...

I never met a coal miner yet who wouldn't rather be doing something else for a living, if it was available and could support his or her family.

The solution lies in conversion, and the clean energy and green manufacturing jobs that would be created.

Stopping mountaintop removal has to be paired with this fight. Otherwise, you're right. It drives a wedge right down the middle of these communities, between those who want food on the table and those who don't want their water and children poisoned.

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