Monday, May 07, 2007

Unbounded Media Mogul Hypocrisy

A poor habit of mine is falling asleep with MSNBC on the tube, which would then wake me early, around 5-6am. That's how I got interested in Don Imus.

Well, this AM I woke to his replacement, who I hadn't known before, an LA talk radio jock named Larry Elder.

Good grief. The 'antiracist' hypocrisy of our media moguls knows no bounds.

Elder is an African American, self-described as a 'Republitarian.' He has what he calls his 'posse' of two women sidekicks, one Dominican American, one white, making the team a mini-Rainbow Coaltion, of sorts.

I'll admit, there was no racist or sexist locker room banter.

What I got was much worse.

I got three solid hours of hard chauvinism against immigrants, defense and apologies for police brutality, attacks on those who criticized the LA cops for shooting rubber bullets into a May Day rally because they didn't 'equally' criticize marauding gangs of Black youth attacking young white women last Halloween, relentless opposition to any kind of affirmative action, calls for purging many minority youth from California universities because their admission was unfair to whites and Asians, a discussion of how immigrant rallies were unjustified because immigrants had zero problems of any sort other than those of their own making, and that the main cause of Black children not doing well in school was their family. The cure? The children's grandmas' needed to whip them with switches at an early age to do their homework. Last but not least, hard-line support for Bush's war in Iraq and the need to expand it throughout the Muslim world.

I kid you not. This is how MSNBC's producers 'make amends' for racism.

I don't know if Elder will be a permanent feature on MSNBC or not. But talk about the need to beware of the unintended consequences of what you wish for...


Frank Partisan said...

I don't own a television. That's a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Larry Elder used to have a show called "Moral Court." Kind of like Judge Mathis or Judge Judy, except more pompous.

Patrick Jones said...

Mr. Davidson,

My name is Patrick Jones. I teach about social movements, the 60s, the civil rights movement, African American Studies, electoral politics and the American left here in Lincoln at the University of Nebraska. I would like to make contact with you to discuss a project I am beginning on Lincoln/UNL in the 60s. I couldn't seem to email you from your website, so I am hoping to catch you this way. If you get this, will you please contact me at ? I hope to hear from you.

Patrick Jones
Department of History and Ethnic Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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