Monday, June 13, 2011

New Paths to Socialism by Carl Davidson

How can the Mondragon Cooperatives, the Solidarity and Green Economies, with an assist from Gramsci and Marx, clear pathways to a new socialism of the 21st century?

Get a copy of Carl Davidson’s new book on the topic:

 New Paths to Socialism


  • The Mondragon Cooperatives and 21st Century Socialism
  • Mondragon Diaries: Five Days Studying Cutting-Edge People and Tools for Change
  • 'One Worker, One Vote:' US Steelworkers to Experiment With Factory Ownership, Mondragon Style
  • Green Party Mayor of Richmond, California Signs 'Letter in Intent' with Spain's Mondragon Coops
  • There Is An Alternative: Market Socialism with Radical Democracy
  • Green Jobs Meets the Solidarity Economy: A Dynamic Duo for Changing the World
  • Green Jobs and Class Struggle: A Memo for the Working Class Studies Association
  • Alinsky vs. Arizmendi: Redistribution or Control of Wealth In Changing the World
  • Eleven Talking Points On 21st Century Socialism
  • Jossa: Gramsci, Economic Theory of Worker Cooperatives and the  Transition to a Socialist Economy
  • Jossa: Excerpts from ‘Marx, Marxism and the Cooperative Movement’
  • Schweickart: Is Sustainable Capitalism Possible? The Case of China
  • $15 from Changemaker Publications.
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